there was a time when i used to listen to tales of bravery. there was a time when i lived only because i needed to live. but now i live because am a warrior. a responsible warrior is not someone who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, but someone who has learned to deal with the challenges of the moment.

defining me. its one of the most difficult thing in the world. i am a character with various attributes. i studied at patha- bhavan,a school in southern kolkata. my school had a lot of influence on me. i developed on the ideology of the great maestro satyajit ray. mr. ray was not only a world class film director, but one of the versatile writer, musician, artist. he was one of the founder of our school. beside mrs. uma senhanobish, utpal dutta, robi ghosh,who were also the co-founder of our school, also had a great influnce on me.i was lucky enough to come across some great personality as my teachers. to mention a few are sukomal ghosh (manku da), dipankar sarkar (dipankar da) and krishna biswas (krishna di).all these people left a major impact in my life after my schooling, i went through various phases of life. i would like to describe this as in the film aguntuk :”its a favorite word of the bengali’s…. struggle, but i would define, it as the first step to develop oneself, and the first step to identify someone..” i landed up in doing my master’s in computer application, due my inclination towards engineering. but i started my career in multimedia, as a faculty of arena multimedia, in kolkata. then with the thought to shift my place of work to hyderabad. i joined color chips india ltd. an animation company, where again i meet a talented pool of people. one of the person with whom I had the opportunity to work with was dr. s.jayadev babu (the most renowned cartoonist of andhra pradesh, and also of india). so, i would say defining me is very.difficult. this is due to the strong impact these people left on me. as the advertising people say “when both sides work together, you can build a charismatic brand” i define myself as an amalgamation of the strategic thinkers and the creative thinkers. the qualities i have are: differential, collaborative, innovative, power to validate, power to cultivate. my aim is to build myself as an icon who can move, change and operate freely in various media. my interest include, the field of art, painting, music, and sports

i started working as a multimedia laboratory assistant in arena multimedia long time back. due to my excellence iin multimedia i was recruited as a student faculty. gradually, i became the senior faculty. in addition to that responsibility i was also heading the technical team, re-structuring course, setting up the network, maintaing the server, visualising and conceptulising the intranet, conducting seminar and recruiting in the center. after leaving arena multimedia, i shifted to hyderabad, in the field of animation. i joined there as production manager, in a color chips india ltd. i was there for one year. in that period i was invited by nift – hyderabad to as a industry guru, to speak on 3d. after leaving hyderabad, i came to my home town, kolkata to finish of my masters. during this period beside studing, i developed few softwares and was providing consultancy to various firms across the country. among the software the one titled ‘frames management’ got immense response.frames management is a 2d animation production management software. the softwares takes care of the production process, a big relief to the production manager. the software is availabe free of cost, in case you are interested then do drop in a mail. i am also assisting various animation studios in setup, budgeting and production planning. now am back .in hyderabad. working on a medical e-learning project, as a production manager. our aim is to develop a virtual medical university after successfully implementing the medical project, i moved to an american organization. i was associated with their agro business division. developing e-learning products for american clients was interesting. got to know about their culture, their understanding.

  • 2020

    Trigyn Technologies

  • 2015

    Started working with IFIM Group

  • 2014

    Started working with T.I.M.E

  • 2012

    Started working with SRM Group

  • 2010

    Started working with Everonn

  • 2007

    Started working with Adayana

  • 2003

    Started working with MEdRC EduTech

  • 1999

    Started working with Arena Multimedia


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